Thierry and Juliette's Wedding
September 19th, 2004
Part 1

This is the first of three parts featuring the pictures I took during Thierry and Juliette's beautiful wedding. Part 1, part 2, and part 3 correspond to the 3 rolls I shot during that day, with part 3 only containing a handful of pictures.

I did not have a written plan when I shot the pictures, and as a consequence forgot to take several pictures that are usually classics. I forgot to take a picture of the hands with the rings, for instance. Thierry and Juliette wear a couple of very beautiful rings featuring some local native art. I hope I'll have another opportunity to shoot these missing pictures.

The pictures you see in this page have been reduced by 60% on each dimension. Enlarge the picture of your choice by clicking on it.

The entire set of full-size pictures is available for download via the following packages. The pictures are available as a tar archive (UNIX), or as a zip file (Windows). I have cropped a few pictures, so you may also want to download a tar archive of the original pictures, before any modification.

Should you see any spelling errors, or English mistakes, do not hesitate to let me know. I always appreciate being corrected. I also very much appreciate comments on the pictures, good and bad, as it helps me improve my skills and better train my eye.

Finally, should you prefer that certain pictures be removed from these pages, please also let me know. I'll be happy to remove them (for a small fee, see later).

A beautiful bouquet

Ready to get married

The newly wed

Putting memories on film...

Flare. I think I can digitally remove it, and also soften a bit the shadows as well

A picture taken blind (I held the camera in my hands without looking at the viewfinder, just to try to take pictures of people without having them pose for me). As usual when taking this kind of pictures, the framing is not that great. You have to use a wide angle to make sure you have everything in the picture.

The same picture, taken blind again. I was a bit luckier with the framing, this time.


Flowers, flowers, and more flowers. Wonderful!

Mr and Ms Buchholz's "glorious chaos".

A fresh new start.