Thierry and Juliette's Wedding
September 19th, 2004
Part 2

This is the second of three parts featuring the pictures I took during Thierry and Juliette's wedding.

As with the first roll, the full-size pictures are available as a tar archive (UNIX), or as a zip file (Windows). I have cropped a few pictures, so you may also want to download a tar archive of the original pictures, before any modification.

Continuing my fascinating monologue with myself...

Given the difficult shooting conditions, in particular the hard light and the lack of large shaded areas where it would have been easier to shoot the portraits, selecting the right exposure was more difficult than usual. You'll often see some flare as well, which could have been avoided with a hood. Nevertheless, these pictures came as a pleasant surprise to me. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

I learnt a lot that day. Looking at the results, I have decided to buy a hood, one of the cheapest and lightest pieces of photography equipment. This will help me avoiding that flare... And make my camera even more intimidating, I suppose.

Please send bribes by cash to Joel Brobecker if you would like any picture to be removed from these pages. For your convenience, I also accept checks, but they should be made payable to Nguyen Thanh Hoai, my Vietnamese name, so that Revenue Canada may not trace it. Thank you very much.

Roll #2

There is an interesting story behind this picture.

Karin had this amazing little remote control that allowed her to trigger her camera remotely, via infrared. Coincidently, the camera she was using, a Canon Elan II, is very close to the one I am using, the Elan 7. When we tried to see if her remote control was compatible with my camera, we were delighted to discover that it was! When we each setup our cameras for that group picture, we had two cameras standing side by side on two tripods, both ready to obey the remote trigger. So we smiled, Karin pressed the button, and both camera answered the call! I suppose you have to be a photography nerd to find this humorous, but it was in fact quite neat.

Juliet at the controls

Back to me, for the last shot

Horizon not horizontal... I'll pretend Juliette took it.