Thierry and Juliette's Wedding
September 19th, 2004
Part 3

This is the final of three parts featuring the pictures I took during Thierry and Juliette's wedding.

As with the first and second rolls, the full-size pictures are available as a tar archive (UNIX), or as a zip file (Windows). I have cropped a few pictures, so you may also want to download a tar archive of the original pictures, before any modification.

Just as before, I can't help but write about my random thoughts that cross my mind as I set these web pages up...

I sincerely thought that I was imune to gadget appeal. But then Karin had this amazing little thingy, this tiny remote control that could trigger her camera via infra-red; and mine as well. All with a piece of equipment weighting a few grams, and the size of an AA battery, except it's flatter. And to add to the appeal, it comes with a convenient clip that goes on the camera strap. It was just completely irresistible. And the best part? It actually is useful! I am so jealous I just have to buy one.

Speaking of Karin's camera, I will have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by her equipment. A nice body, a cool remote control, good lenses, a fun remote control, a tripod, a handy remote control, black-and-white film, all the accessories of a serious photographer. I often had a peak of the pictures she was shooting, thanks to mister tripod holding the camera in position, and I am anxious to see the results. She saw pictures I didn't even think of, I was impressed.

These last few pictures are mostly showing the great location where Thierry and Juliette got married. The setting was gorgeous, and no picture I will ever take will be able to do justice to it. I wish I was also able to capture how succulent diner was, cooked by chef Pierre, who like Thierry is from Alsace.

To conclude, I will simply add that I was delighted to be part of the wedding, even more so as I had the honour of being Thierry's best man. And as usual, I enjoyed spending some time on the Island in the company of the now-larger family. If some of these pictures bring you just a fraction of the wonderful moments I spent with all of you, then for once I'll feel that I brought something in return to the family that week-end.

To Thierry and Juliette

Roll #3

Ouch! Vigneting...

This is a picture of Thierry and Juliette, with Patrick and Judy. Patrick and Judy got married the same day 6 years before Thierry and Juliette. Judy introduced herself very nicely and congratulated the newly wed.