January 10th, 2005

Thio is a small village of slightly less than 3000 people located on the southern part of the east coast of New Caledonia. For a long time, Thio has been the main Nickel extraction site. As of 2002, about 40 million tons of Nickel ore has been extracted, containing a total of 900_000 tons of Nickel. Still as of 2002, the mines in Thio produce a total of 800_000 tons of nickel ore.

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The road to Thio

Red eroded mountains.

Thio Village

As with Yaté, Thio is separated in two by a river. North of the river is Thio Village. This neighbourhood hosts the administrative offices, and most of the residential areas. It is also the part of the village with the most historical remains.

Thio Mission

South of the river is Thio Mission. Located on the sea shore, this is where the catholic mission, the nickel ore warehouses, and the wharves are located.

Nickel Exploitation

In the past, Thio Mission was the main ore port of New Caledonia. Seven giant sail boats, with up to 3 or 4 masts used to dock here. Nowadays, the ore is shipped to either Nouméa, Australia or Japan using specialized boats that can carry up to 20-25 thousand tons of ore.

The ore is loaded on the boat using this conveyor belt.

The ore flow is 1_000 tons per hour.

La Plage de Moara (Moara Beach)

Moara is a beautiful beach of white sand and coconut trees located 7kms south of Thio Mission.