Ballade en pirogue
January, 21st 2005

This is one of the most popular attrations in Īle des Pins. It consists of a trip on a kanak traditional pirogue, where you sail from Saint-Joseph Beach through the Baie d'Upi. Most tourists then walk a small trail that leads them to Oro's Pool (see Piscine d'Oro), but we chose to do this on our own. The upside is that it allowed us to do the trip back on the pirogue, whereas the others where picked up near the natural pool by a bus. He he he :-).

All pictures are available either in tar or zip formats. Also available is a tar archive of the original pictures, before being reworked. Note that the tarballs contain all the pictures I took, not just the ones I present on this page.

The family on board our pirogue

On Board

Our "driver"

We shared the pirogue with a Japanese family on the way in, and then were the only passengers on the way back.


Cooling Down...

Baie d'Upi