Sydney, Australia
January, 25th 2005

With the airline we chose to fly us between Reunion Island and New Caledonia, we had to stay at least one night in Sydney during our trip back. That was perfect because I had a couple of friends who live in the area which I hadn't seen for a long time. This was the perfect occasion. So we decided to stay 2 nights instead of one, have our first introduction to the famous city of Sydney and of course have a great time with my friends.

All pictures are available either in tar or zip formats. Also available is a tar archive of the original pictures, before being reworked (these are actually the same). Note that the tarballs contain all the pictures I took, not just the ones I present on this page.

Note: All the pictures presented here were taken with my Dad's camera, a Canon PowerShot A95.

Circular Quay