DVS'06: Debugger Meeting 2006
June, 14-16 2006

AdaCore held in June 2006 a meeting regarding our debugger. We discussed various issues and concluded our meeting with the creation of a roadmap for the next 12 months.

All pictures are available either in tar or zip formats. Also available is a tar archive of the original pictures, before being reworked (these are actually the same). Note that the tarballs contain all the pictures I took, not just the ones I present on this page.

New York City

On Fifth Ave, at 19th street. I'm in the USA.

Incidentally, on the way back, some of us in the car decided to play a stupid game and call "flag" everytime we saw an American flag. It becomes pretty annoying when you're driving in the country-side. It felt as if every house had its American flag flying in the wind.

Driving up to Vermont

The meeting was held in Pawnal, VT, at the house of our Beloved Lord High President (BLHP), Robert Dewar. The day after we arrived in New York, Arno, Jerome, Nico and myself drove up to New York.

Manhattan and the surrounding suburbs are a huge anthill. You feel the pressure of proximity and concrete, the pressure of noise and activity. But as we drive North out of the city, the buzz gets very quickly replaced by an unexpected serinity of rolling hills where the road is surrounded by forests. Houses and farms replace the tall buildings covered with flashing advertisement signs. All the sudden lawn fields covered with daisies become common, and yet, the contrast with the city landscape just reminds us that beauty is often found in the simple.

Dewar Residence, Carpenter Hill Road, Pawnal, VT.

A view towards the Dewar house from the shed, the "gazebo" as Robert called it.

First, we work (or at least we pretend we do) ...

Our meeting room

Despite a hard day of work, you feel refreshed enough after a dip in the swimming pool to go back and do a little more work before heading off to diner...

Somehow I almost felt a bit guilty answering the customer while still wearing nothing buy my swimsuit... Well, almost anyway.

... then we have fun !

Robert's house provides many opportunities to have fun. Big favorites are the pool, and the jacuzzi...


"The water is great" (I've heard that before)

Let's tub ...