Paris, Paris
April, 9th 2007

I landed in Paris around 2pm on a statutory holiday, and it was a beautiful spring day. So I decided to go for a walk and kill the time until diner. Most streets of Paris were dead quiet, because most stores did not open, but the plazas, parks were very lively. Walking around with no real purpose, I found myself Place de la Concorde, and later walking along "La Seine", the city river. By the time I hit diner, I had seen some rollerblade kamikazes, listened to a street opera singer (God she had a powerful voice), and spent an hour reading a tennis magazine (what else???) on "Le Pont des Arts", while a couple of young guys where playing some good improv.

Les photos sont disponibles sous forme tar ou zip. J'ai aussi mis à votre disposition une archive tar des images d'origine, avant découpage. Note: Les archives contiennent toutes les photos que j'ai prises, pas seulement celles que je presente ici.

It's Already Spring in Paris!

Everyone is Spending the Day Outside

Sunbasking at a small pond in "Le Jardin des Tuileries".

Same spot, but looking East. I think that the building in the back is part of "Le Louvre".

Le Pont des Arts

The bridge floor is like a deck, just wooden planks. It's very cozy and there are always a few music bands that play something nice. It's a good spot to relax a bit from the crazy pace of the city.