Le Souffleur
April, 14th 2007

Small walk along the rocky coast of Étang-Salé, at a location called "Le Souffleur".

All pictures are available either in tar or zip formats. Also available is a tar archive of the original pictures, before being reworked. Note that the tarballs contain all the pictures I took, not just the ones I present on this page.


This picture was taken by Olivier, and I decided to include it here as a prelude to the photos taken during that little trip we made because I just love the softness of the colors on the leaves.

Getting there...

Ligne Cocotiers.

Le Souffleur

Mom and Olivier.
Just behind, on the right hand side, there is a vein in the rocky coast, inside which the waves come crashing. Because the vein becomes narrower at the end, the water from strong waves that come in and crash gets catapulted up in a giant and noisy cloud. Hence the name of this location, "Le Souffleur".

Rocks, Rocks and Rocks?

This part of the coast is very rugged, and the beaches are a few kilometers north.

Beyond the rocks is open water, no lagoon here. But we can still find a bit of color before the deep blue starts.

Nonetheless, there are at least a couple of salt-water ponds when one can take a dip without being covered in sand...

Not Just Rocks