2007 Vancouver Open
July 28 - Aug 5 2007

Here are the pictures of the officials I took during the 2007 Odlum Brown Vancouver Open. As last year, click on any of the pictures to get a full-size version of that picture.

I bundled up all the full-size pictures, including the ones I don't present here, into tar (UNIX) format (54MB) as well as into zip (Windows) format (22MB). On Mac OS/X, you should be able to use the tar format, but zip will work as well, I believe. This document only presents a small selection of all the pictures, and your selection is likely going to be different from mine, so do check out either of the tarballs above.

One last note: I deleted from the tarballs above all the bad pictures. I also had to do some editing on certain pictures. If you would like to download all the picture before editing, then click here (220MB!).

The Vancouver Open at Hollyburn Country Club

Picture taken by Ali Eshragh

Meet Some Officials...

Having Fun...

The last one to slap picks up the pile of cards...

... Simple game but lots of unstoppable laughs...

... Check out Shanon and Jangbir's faces!

Ready for On Court Duty!

Picture taken by Ali Eshragh

Picture from Ali Eshragh