Day Six: Gardiner, MT - Bismarck, ND
02 June 2009

On this day, we were supposed to drive straight to Bismarck. It would have already been a pretty long day, with a predicted 8.5 hours of drive. But we liked Yellowstone so much that we decided to do a little detour and drive through the park one more time. I think this turned out to be our longest day, leaving early in the morning, and arriving around 7-8pm.

Gardiner, Yellowstone, ...

Gardiner is located right at the North Entrance of the park, and we drove to the North East Entrance, exiting through a little town named Silver Gate.

A beautiful little church in Gardiner.
(photo: Karin Buchholz)

(photo: Karin Buchholz)


What we did not realize at the time we decided to make that detour is that the road taking back to the highway to Bismarck took us through the mountains. We kept going up and up, marveling at the beauty of the snow covered surroundings, until we reached a place called "Top of the world". By then, the snow on the side of the road was pretty thick, and the beauty had turned into impatience... We even drove through an active rope tow with a skier using it. June 2nd!

(photo: A chance encounter in the middle of nowhere)

Bismarck, at last...

Sleep Number beds, he he he.