Day Eight: Ashland, WI - Munising, MI
3 Mars 2005

The drive from Ashland to Munising wasn't all that long, compared to our previous days. And yet, this was the day that ended up being the hardest from me. There wasn't much to see on the way to the hotel, and so we drove straight.

After some rest in our air conditioned room, we really had to force ourselves to get out and go see something. We hoped that it was one of these moments where we don't feel like going but we'll be happy we did. Luckily, we really did see a nice little corner of our beautiful planet. We drove relatively very little, and the drive was very pleasant, with trees creating an arch over the road and the forest ground covered with flowers. We got to hike a little, learning a few facts about the local flora along the way. We saw One Mother Of All Big Lakes, enjoyed its very nice white sand, while surrounded by layers of different colors from various past eras. Not bad for a couple of hours...

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore...


(photo: Karin Buchholz)